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Inline & Online Drip Line

Suresh Engineering Works with it's continue research and development is first to develop indigenous Inline drip line machine in India. Drip irrigation is an efficient method of applying water and nutrition to crop. Inline drip line irrigation is most effective in fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

  • Reduction in water consumption.
  • Constant flow of water to root level.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Low probability of weeds & disease.

Standard Line Equipments

  • Extruder with control panel.
  • Inserting Device.
  • Crosshead.
  • Perforating Device.
  • Semi-automatic Coiling Machine.
  • Haul-off.
  • Vacuum calibrating tank with cooling tank.

Technical Data and Models

Model SEW 50 IDM SEW 65 IDM
Screw Dia 50 mm 65 mm
LD Ratio 30:1 30:1
Main Drive 18.75 KW 22.50 KW
Gear Box Helical Helical
Output Max. 60 kg/hour Max. 120 kg/hour
Pipe Diameter in mm Min 12mm / Max 20 mm Min 12mm / Max 20 mm
Wall tdickness in mm Min 0.80mm / Max 1.30 mm Min 0.80mm / Max 1.30 mm
Line Speed Max. 30m/min Max. 60m/min
Dripper Inserting Upto 90 dispenser/min Upto 180 dispenser/min
Perforating By Electric Motor By Electric Motor
Connected Load 38 KW 48 KW
Air pressure
8 Kg/cm2 14 Kg/cm2
Space requirement L16 /W4.5 / H4.5 mtr L22 / W4.5/ H4.5 mtr

We offer extensive range of optional attachment & equipments to fulfill your Inline Drip Machine.

Range of optional attachment & equipments

  • Dryer.
  • Co-extrusion system.
  • Printer.
  • Flow test machine.